Latte of the month: Pumpkin White Mocha

You know the saying: “New month, new latte!” Okay, so maybe that’s not a popular saying, but we’re trying to make it the next big thing. Sure, you can go to any big cafe chain (who we will not not name here!) for a seasonal drink, but where’s the heart?! Our one location heard you loud and clear, and we’ve been told that we need to keep riding the pumpkin chariot through November. It’s a real Cinderella story if you think about it. Except we don’t care if your footwear is made of canvas, rubber, vinyl, or whatever! This isn’t a glass slipper exclusive is what we’re trying to say. 

So what’s the latte of the month, you ask? Pumpkin White Mocha! You’ve had Pumpkin Spice before, but this is a cut above. Just close your eyes and imagine our twist on the classic Pumpkin Spice. Now open your eyes again because you need to finish reading this description, and add the silky, mellow, liquid luxury that is white chocolate to the mix. Now throw in our signature blend of espresso, and your choice of frothy and decadent dairy, and you’ve got our Pumpkin White Mocha. You simply can’t beat it. 

What you need to know

Where: Pendry Hotel Chicago, 224 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60601

Cafe Hours: 7am to 4pm daily.

You’ll find that our cafe offerings are on the same level as our lunch, dinner, happy hour, and brunch menus, but designed in a way that lets you choose to sit down and soak in the ambiance or be on your way after a satisfying meal.

What else can I get to drink? 

We’re just like any other café (except we’re the best), so you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a wide variety of coffee drinks. From a double espresso, to a sparkling iced espresso, for your dark roasts… or a nitro cold brew that packs a punch if you just got in from traveling, and need more than a pick me up for the full day of meetings you’re about to get into. Or maybe you went a little too hard last night, and need some hair of the dog to start your weekend off right! We offer “liquid breakfast” in the form of bloody marys, mimosas, kir royales, and bellinis! 

So really, there’s something for everyone, and if you want to treat yourself then stop by and we’ll make it happen! 

Tis the season! 

No we’re not talking about Christmas, but be sure to keep on checking in with Venteux Cafe as we continue to explore a new latte every month. Or if you’re just a black coffee type, we’re not going to stop you from relaxing with a house blend before you set out to conquer the day. So when you’re ready to step out of the cold and into the warm embrace of a handcrafted latte or cold brew, we’ll be waiting and ready to get your day started the right way! 

About Cafe at Venteux 

Cafe at Venteux is a sanctuary of delicate moldings, speckled gold antique mirrors and floral textiles. Sunlight cascades through soaring 40-foot windows, while lush botanical murals cover the walls to create a romantic atmosphere for daytime dining and drinking. Guests are invited to settle into one of the café’s plush velvet booths or marble-topped tables indoors or soak up the energy of the city al fresco on the picturesque patio, which draws inspiration from the lively cafés of Southern France. 

About Venteux

Residing within Michigan Avenue’s famed Carbide & Carbon building is a stylish and modern French restaurant, serving classic French fare with a contemporary twist. Through a unique dining experience crafted with passion and precision by Executive Chef Joseph Mosconi, guests are transported to the bustling brasseries that define the Parisian lifestyle…

You’ll find all the iconic French cuisine – steak frites, whole roasted duck, oysters flown in from the coast daily – but also encounter unique flavors, get to know our take on escargot, and rethink your idea of classic French onion soup. Regardless of your preference for the tried and true classics or the element of surprise, every dish features only the freshest ingredients, and receives every ounce of our attention from the time we take and prepare your order, to the moment it’s served to you.

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