Chefsgiving: A Culinary Event for a Cause

Introduction to Chefsgiving

Chefsgiving is not just a feast, it’s a celebration where food becomes the medium for kindness and community support. Imagine savoring the essence of Chicago’s culinary genius while contributing to a noble cause. This exclusive event bridges the passion for gastronomy with the spirit of giving.

The Essence of Chefsgiving

Hosted by Pendry Chicago and Venteux, Chefsgiving is more than a dinner—it’s a toast to generosity, a nod to camaraderie, and a tribute to the high art of cooking. Seven of Chicago’s top chefs will come together for one night, offering their skills to not just delight your palate but also to support the local non-profit organization, Chicago Chefs Cook.

Detailed Event Information

Date, Time, and Ticket Pricing

Mark your calendars for November 9th from 6 to 10 PM. For $150 plus fees, you secure not just a seat but an experience.

What’s Included in the Ticket

Your all-inclusive ticket promises an evening of indulgence: a happy hour replete with refined canapes, a sumptuous four-course dinner, beverage pairings to complement each dish, and the knowledge that $30 of your expenditure goes directly to Pilsen Food Pantry.

The Cause: Supporting Pilsen Food Pantry

With every ticket, you contribute to a cause that’s close to the heart of Chicago—the Pilsen Food Pantry. This event is a chance to make a difference with a fork in one hand and a heart full of generosity in the other.

The Culinary Masters of the Evening

Profiles of Participating Chefs

Meet the maestros of the kitchen who will curate the evening’s menu. These renowned chefs, hailing from Chicago’s finest establishments, bring their unique flair and culinary philosophy to create an unforgettable dining experience.

The Menu: A Four-Course Journey

Happy Hour and Canapes

Begin the evening with a symphony of canapes that set the stage for the night’s epicurean journey.

Beverage Pairings

Each course is accompanied by a hand-selected beverage, chosen to elevate the flavors of the dishes to new heights.

The First Course

The first course will be a gentle introduction to the chefs’ collaborative genius, featuring seasonal ingredients and bold flavors.

The Main Courses

As the evening progresses, the main courses will showcase the chefs’ versatility and mastery, each dish a testament to their culinary prowess.

The Desserts

Conclude with a dessert that promises to be a fitting finale, marrying sweetness and sophistication.

The Venue: Venteux Brasserie, Cafe & Oyster Bar

A Glimpse into Venteux

Venteux, the French-inspired brasserie, provides the perfect backdrop for Chefsgiving. Its ambiance is as inviting as the menu, promising an immersive dining experience.

The Beneficiary: Pilsen Food Pantry

The Impact of Your Contribution Every bite taken is a step toward combating food insecurity, with the Pilsen Food Pantry at the forefront of this battle in our community.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Chefsgiving

Networking and Socializing This is an opportunity to mingle with kindred spirits who share your love for food and philanthropy.

A Treat for the Taste Buds An event that promises to be a memorable culinary escapade, Chefsgiving is a treat no food aficionado would want to miss.

Supporting the Community Your participation is a chance to give back, ensuring the success of community initiatives like the Pilsen Food Pantry.

How to Prepare for the Event

Dress Code Embrace the spirit of the evening with semi-formal attire that reflects the event’s elegance.

What to Bring Besides an appetite, bring a readiness to engage, enjoy, and contribute to a meaningful cause.


As the night winds down, you’ll leave not just with a satiated palate but with the warmth of having been a part of something bigger. Chefsgiving is an invitation to indulge in the best of culinary arts while making a tangible difference in the community. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary evening.