NASCAR Drink Specials at Venteux: Rev Up Your Taste Buds!

Attention NASCAR fans! Get ready to quench your thirst and elevate your race-day experience at Venteux. We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive NASCAR Drink Specials, available on July 1st and 2nd during the Grant Park 220. And here’s the best part: any guest who presents their NASCAR tickets will enjoy a fantastic 20% discount on these refreshing and innovative concoctions. Buckle up and join us for an unforgettable journey of flavor!

Pimm’s My Ride: A Twist on Pimm’s Cup

When it comes to capturing the essence of a summer day, nothing does it quite like a Pimm’s Cup. At Venteux, we’ve taken this classic cocktail and given it a high-speed makeover with our Pimm’s My Ride. This enticing blend features 2 oz of Pimm’s No. 1, .75 oz of George Dickel 8yr Bourbon, .75 oz of Lemon Juice, .75 oz of Demerara Syrup, 2 dashes of Orange Bitters, and is served on one big cube in a rocks glass. To enhance the experience, we garnish it with an expressed orange peel. Buckle up and let your taste buds embark on a thrilling ride!

Campari Ferrari: A Twist on Negroni

For those who appreciate the sophisticated allure of a Negroni, our Campari Ferrari is a must-try. This vibrant twist on the classic cocktail will have you racing back for more. With .75 oz of lemon juice, .75 oz of Liquid Alchemist strawberry syrup, .75 oz of Lillet Blanc, .75 oz of Campari, .5 oz of Bombay Dry Gin, and .25 oz of Skyy Vodka, every sip delivers a burst of flavors. Served in a Nick & Nora glass and garnished with fresh strawberry slices and expressed lemon zest, the Campari Ferrari is a true winner on and off the racetrack.

Mule Fuel: Deconstructed Moscow Mule

Rev up your taste buds with our unique take on the Moscow Mule: the Mule Fuel. We’ve deconstructed this iconic cocktail to deliver an experience that will leave you refreshed and ready for the race. Our Mule Fuel combines .75 oz of Lime Juice, .75 oz of House Lime Oleo-Saccharum, .75 oz of Giffard Ginger of the Indies, and 2 oz of Belvedere Pear & Ginger Vodka. Served in a traditional Mule Mug, we top it off with 3 oz of club soda and garnish it with a slice of candied ginger and a lime wheel. Get ready to feel the power of the Mule Fuel coursing through your veins.

At Venteux, we strive to create an atmosphere where every detail, from the ambiance to the beverages, enhances your overall experience. Our NASCAR Drink Specials have been crafted with precision and care, ensuring that each sip delivers an explosion of flavors that will have you revving your engines for more.

So, mark your calendars for July 1st and 2nd, and join us at Venteux to celebrate the Grant Park 220 in style. Don’t forget to bring your NASCAR tickets to enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on our exhilarating drink specials. Cheers to unforgettable moments and high-speed flavor!