Jazz Fest 23: A Feast of Music and Culinary Delight

New Orleans is more than just a city; it’s an experience. It’s the birthplace of jazz, the heart of Creole culture, and home to some of the most delightful culinary delights. As the sun casts its golden hue over the Crescent City, a new celebration awaits: Jazz Fest 23.

Dive into the Rhythms of New Orleans

Ever felt the goosebumps as a saxophone cries out its soulful tune or the sheer joy as a trumpet celebrates life? That’s the magic of New Orleans, and it’s coming alive this September at Jazz Fest 23.

Event Details:

Date and Time Mark your calendars! The festival runs from Thursday, August 31, through Sunday, September 3, 2023.

Venue and Services What could be better than indulging in some brunch before enjoying the jazz tunes? Or perhaps a lavish dinner as the melodies serenade you? Join us at the Cafe & Dining Room for both brunch and dinner services.

Savor the Flavors of the French Quarter

French Quarter Combo A three-course delight for $55. From the streets of New Orleans to your plate, experience a fusion of flavors that dance just like the tunes of a jazz number.

Oyster Rockefeller: A Classic Delight Priced at $28, treat yourself to an order of 6 East-Coast oysters on the half-shell. These aren’t just any oysters. They’re topped with a luxurious sauce of butter, parsley, and other green herbs, sprinkled with bread crumbs, and then baked to perfection.

Beignets: The Sweet Side of New Orleans Is it even a visit to New Orleans without Beignets? For $14, enjoy an order of 5 Beignets served with a luscious chocolate dipping sauce. It’s the sweet symphony your taste buds deserve.

The Signature Hurricane Cocktail The Hurricane cocktail – a tantalizing mix of Bacardi, passionfruit, lime, and orange – can be yours for $20. Just like a hurricane, it’s intense, unforgettable, and oh-so New Orleans.

Exclusive Beverage Partnership Bacardi takes the stage as our exclusive beverage partner. Whether you prefer silver or the rich depth of 8-year-old Bacardi, indulge yourself. For the spirited attendees, a $200 spend gets you featured.

Why Jazz Fest 23 Is Unmissable

A Journey to the French Quarter Before diving into Jazz Fest, take a detour to the iconic French Quarter. Let the cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and the aroma of Creole spices transport you.

The Perfect Pairing: Jazz & Bourbon Street Delicacies What’s Jazz without a bit of Bourbon Street? Whether it’s the Oyster Rockefeller, Beignets, or that swirling Hurricane Cocktail, Bourbon Street’s delicacies are the perfect accompaniment to the soulful sounds of jazz.

A Final Invitation Heading to Jazz Fest 23? Let the music pull at your heartstrings, let the flavors tease your palate, and most of all, let New Orleans embrace you.

Jazz Fest 23 isn’t just another event; it’s a melange of soul-stirring music and tantalizing flavors. From the culinary art of the French Quarter to the timeless tunes of jazz, there’s no better way to experience the spirit of New Orleans. So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Where is Jazz Fest 23 located? Millennium Park.
  2. What’s special about the French Quarter Combo? It combines three signature dishes for a full New Orleans culinary experience.
  3. Who is the beverage partner for the event? Bacardi is our exclusive beverage partner for Jazz Fest 23.
  4. Are there vegetarian options available? While the highlights mentioned are non-vegetarian, the full menu at the venue may have vegetarian options.
  5. Can I book in advance? Yes, reservations are recommended due to the festival’s popularity.