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This is intended to be an overview of the responsibilities and requirements attributed to the position of Restaurant General Manager. It is not intended to be limited to such content nor does it describe solely what occupies a given day or week.


Plan, direct, lead, and provide oversight over all facets of the restaurant’s daily operations and staff; manage staffing, sales, vendor contracts; develop strategies and processes to monitor costs and maximize revenues; establish measurable goals and objectives that focus on profit, product, and service; ensure compliance with all workplace and safety laws and enforce all company policies.

Recruitment, Training and Management of Employees

  1. Oversee recruiting, hiring, training, and development of all staff.
  2. Supervise all department employees.
  3. Oversee employee performance evaluations
  4. Ensure disciplinary / termination procedures are followed
  5. Maintain “open door” policy for employees to communicate concerns and the resolution of complaints and conflicts
  6. Investigate and resolve employee complaints and conflicts
  7. Approve employee wage and salary increases
  8. Ensure compliance with workplace standards, laws, and safety regulations
  9. Establish standards for personnel performance and customer service
  10. Develop and motivate Management team to achieve business goals and objectives
  11. Ensuring adequate staffing and approve employee vacation requests

Monitor Business Operations

  1. Oversee operations of the restaurant, including customer service, revenues, and vendor/supplier contracts
  2. Maintain quick and efficient entry system for guests
  3. Review all incident reports
  4. Promptly address all operational issues with Management and Staff
  5. Ensure Service goals and standards are defined and enforced in all venues
  6. Monitor venue environment for cleanliness, appropriate lighting, sound and temperature
  7. Oversee menu design and implement price strategy
  8. Oversee BOH and FOH managers and the day to day operations of the restaurant
  9. Monitor all lost and found items, record in Log under lost and found.

Enhancing Revenue / Controlling Costs

  1. Execute sales and marketing strategies
  2. Develop cost control measures to minimize overhead costs
  3. Develop strategic plans and revenue forecasts
  4. Prepare weekly GM report as directed
  5. Monitor / analyze weekly and monthly Cost of Goods Sale and labor reports
  6. Create and implement clearly defined action plans for any budget deficiencies
  7. Ensure Point of Sales Data is current and accurate
  8. Establish and monitor prices
  9. Submit annual operating budget proposal to the President and CFO
  10. Attend financial meetings with the President and Managing Partner
  11. Obtain bids and negotiate service and vendor contracts, and leasehold or capital expenses

Facility Maintenance

  1. Manage all Facility improvements
  2. Oversee health department inspections; ensure “A” grade ratings and compliance with all local and state Health Department regulations
  3. Maintain Warranty file and operations manuals on all equipment

Guests, Media and Partner Relations

  1. Ensure all guest complaints are resolved in a satisfactory manner
  2. Regularly communicate with Company Executives and Partners
  3. Serve as primary contact and interface with Partner’s Operations Departments
  4. Maintain high guest satisfaction through consistently introducing innovative products
  5. Present and maintain a professional, charismatic image when interacting with media.

Promote Restaurant Through Social Media Engagement and Digital Marketing Channels

  1. Create 3-4 organic posts per week using information provided by the marketing team for one of the following social platforms: Facebook, Instagram & Instagram Stories
  2. Share the restaurant’s Facebook posts through its own channels to promote brand awareness.
  3. Post and engage (via “likes,” “shares,” and “comments”) with the restaurant’s social media post
  4. Actively engage with customer review sites such as Yelp
  5. Use social media content to promote the restaurant using various digital formats such as posting photos, videos, live stories, digital ads, etc.

Administrative and Legal

  1. Ensure all permits and licenses are maintained, up to date and posted, as required by law
  2. Monitor compliance with food, health, and fire regulations regarding business operations, wages, food storage, preparation, and storage and liquor
  3. Monitor and take measures to minimize potential contractual, safety, and employment liability
  4. Ensure and manage timely filing of general business liability and workers compensation insurance claims
  5. Work with company accountants during audits of business
  6. Ensure compliance with lease / management agreement requirements
  7. Efficiently administer human resources functions and maintain employee records in according with direction from Human Resources
  8. Ensure that employees have all required certification validated
  9. Respond to all government agency inquiries.
  10. Manage and monitor all legal issues and claims


  1. Execute Pre-Opening checklist items
  2. Manage staffing compendium throughout opening
  3. Maintain systems, policies, and procedures for use in recruiting, hiring, training, management, physical plant, inventory, scheduling, cost and operational efficiencies.
  4. Create, oversee, develop, and execute restaurant opening plans


  • Bachelors Degree in Hospitality preferred, but not required.
  • Prior experience as a General Manager in a high volume restaurant.
  • Prior experience managing labor and food cost control.
  • Basic computer skills and experience with computer based reservations systems.
  • Knowledge of restaurant health, food safety and liquor regulations.
  • Knowledge of standard operating procedures for managing a high volume restaurant
  • Strong communication, organizational, and supervisory skills
  • Strong coaching and development skills.
  • Strong human relations skills to lead a very diverse team.
  • Ability to digest complex information and communicate this to all employees.
  • Ability to read and write in English proficiently.
  • Ability to utilize social media to execute marketing strategies
  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple deadlines and priorities
  • Ability to maintain a flexible schedule, have the stamina and energy to work long hours as needed, in an active, hectic, noisy, and stressful environment
  • Ability to maintain and project a professional, groomed image as the General Manager of a high end restaurant and act as a role model for other staff and supervisors
  • Ability to project a positive and courteous attitude towards guests, staff, service providers, and media
  • Ability to run efficient operations and control labor costs; and deploy strategies to enhance restaurant profits.
  • Ability to navigate various surfaces and tight spaces in a restaurant environment
  • Possess the physical and mental stamina to work for extended periods of time
  • Physically able to lift and carry heavy trays and equipment as well as delicate china and glassware up to 50 lbs.
  • Physically able to walk without assistance on various surfaces for an extended period of time

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