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This is intended to be an overview of the responsibilities and requirements attributed to the position of Assistant General Manager - Restaurant. It is not intended to be limited to such content nor does it describe solely what occupies a given day or week.

Recruitment, Training and Development

  • Assists General Manager in recruiting, hiring, training and development within the venue.
  • Supervise all direct report positions.
  • Oversees evaluation of line positions.
  • Ensures disciplinary / termination procedures are followed
  • Provides conflict resolution
  • Ensures compliance with workplace standards
  • Provides overall Leadership

Monitors Business during Operating Hours

  • Oversees the overall operation
  • Maintains quick and efficient entry system for guests
  • Reviews all incident reports
  • Promptly addresses all operational issues with Management and Staff
  • Ensure Service goals and standards are defined and enforced in all venues
  • Monitor the venue environment for cleanliness, appropriate lighting, sound and temperature.

Enhancing Revenue / Controlling Costs

  • Executes sales and marketing opportunities
  • Maximizes cost controls
  • Develops and executes strategic planning and forecasting
  • Prepares weekly GM report in absence of General Manager
  • Monitors / analyzes weekly and monthly Cost of Goods Sale and labor reports
  • Create and implement clearly defined action plans for any budget deficiencies
  • Motivates team to achieve business goals and objectives
  • Ensures Point of Sales Data is current and accurate
  • Establish and monitor all pricing
  • Assists General Manager in submitting annual operating budget proposal to the President and CFO

Facility Maintenance

  • Ensure "A" grade compliance with Health department, oversees all inspections in absence of General Manager
  • Maintain Warranty file and operations manuals on all equipment

Guests, Employees, Media and Partner Relations

  • Ensures all guest complaints are resolved
  • Maintains "open door" policy
  • Maintains regular communication with Company Executives and Partners
  • Maintains high guest satisfaction through consistently introducing innovative products
  • Portrays a professional, charismatic image when interacting with the media.

Administrative and Legal

  • Ensures all permits and licenses are maintained, up to date and posted, as required bylaw
  • Ensures compliance with all state and local regulations and ordinances regarding business, including Union Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Monitors potential liability issues (contractual, safety, employment, union)
  • Ensures that employees have all required certification validated - Maintain file on site with copies of cards


  • Execute Pre-Opening checklist items
  • Maintains compendium from hiring to opening
  • Maintains systems, policies and procedures for use in recruiting, hiring, training, management, physical plant, inventory, scheduling, cost and operational efficiencies.
  • Create, oversee development and execute opening for venues as needed

(Include equipment knowledge/use)

  • Minimum 3 years prior experience as a Manager in a high volume Restaurant.
  • Must possess good communication, organizational, and supervisory skills.
  • Must have strong coaching and development skills.
  • Must have prior experience in labor and food cost control.
  • Must be able to efficiently operate and control labor cost and plays an active role in contributing to the restaurant profits.
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in Hospitality preferred but not required.
  • Solid knowledge of International products and terminology.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of the Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Must be flexible and must have tolerance for long, stressful nights.
  • Must have strong human relations skills to lead a very diverse team.
  • Oversee the menu design and implement cost effective restaurant menu analysis, including menu engineering.


  • ServSafe Certification
  • Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training Certification

Please submit your resume to Careers@venteuxchicago.com