Oyster at Tuesdays at Venteux

People used to say that “happy hour” was the most beautiful phrase, but have you heard of Oyster Tuesday? Sure, nothing beats getting together with friends and family for a couple drinks and appetizers, but what about $1 oysters? Whether you’re an oyster connoisseur, or trying them for the first time, Oyster Tuesday is the time to get your fill, and in good company. At Venteux, the world can be your oyster every Tuesday starting at 4pm. 

Aww Shucks

Every Tuesday, starting at 4pm, our chefs will be whipping up the oyster of the day with mignonette, cocktail sauce, and lemon. If you don’t know what an oyster tastes like, many say they taste just like the ocean. Some of the more common flavors you may taste in an oyster are butter/cream, hints of melon or cucumber, sweet, salty or “briny,” and a rusty, copper taste. Texture-wise, oysters are generally described as plump and springy. What’s there not to like about that? 

If oysters aren’t your forté, don’t you worry! Our happy hour starts at 4pm, and there are plenty of other food options available to choose from. 

Happy Hour Food Specials

If you’ve been working all day, and need a quick pick me up, then you’ll be able to snack in style with our food specials. The cocktails are the right price, and our food offerings are no different. Our French-style menu offers a taste of far away elegance, and it’s right in your neighborhood! Here’s what you’ve got to choose from:

  • GOUGÈRES: Get yourself some fancy French cheese puffs! We serve ours with truffle honey and Mornay sauce.
  • GEM SALAD: A fresh and delicious creation made with anchovy emulsion, parmesan, and served with brioche.
  • SLIDERS: Our sliders are fancied up with raclette, charred leek relish, and herbs. They can’t be missed!
  • SHRIMP COCKTAIL: The classic. Cocktail sauce and lemon accompany our cocktail.
  • STEAK TARTARE: A true French delicacy! Our tartare is served with smoked egg yolk, sunchoke, and mustard.
  • LIVER MOUSSE TARTINE: Served with seasonal jam, mustard seed, and fennel.

Whether you want the world to be your oyster, or you’re just looking for a drink and a salad, Venteux has all you need on Oyster Tuesday. Just surround yourself with good company, and we’ll take care of the rest.

About Venteux

Residing within Michigan Avenue’s famed Carbide & Carbon building is a stylish and modern French restaurant, serving classic French fare with a contemporary twist. Through a unique dining experience crafted with passion and precision by Executive Chef Joseph Mosconi, guests are transported to the bustling brasseries that define the Parisian lifestyle…

You’ll find all the iconic French cuisine – steak frites, whole roasted duck, oysters flown in from the coast daily – but also encounter unique flavors, get to know our take on escargot, and rethink your idea of classic French onion soup. Regardless of your preference for the tried and true classics or the element of surprise, every dish features only the freshest ingredients, and receives every ounce of our attention from the time we take and prepare your order, to the moment it’s served to you.

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