High Design + Lively Times at Venteux

At Venteux, we don’t just want to satisfy your physical appetite. We want to feed your soul.

We’re big believers in the idea that people eat with their eyes first. To that point, it’s our goal for guests to enjoy a feast that begins the moment they set foot in our beautifully appointed space.

Guests who have visited already know that Venteux is a very special space to visit. Those who haven’t yet visited are definitely in for a treat!

Here, we delve into the design master’s brain — read on for a brief interview with Alessandro Munge, who designed Venteux. Prepare to be impressed and amazed…

How did you want guests to feel at Venteux?

Alessandro Munge: More than anything, I wanted Venteux to be uplifting and feel like a celebration, especially coming out of a challenging year. It had to be warm, inviting, and exciting. I also wanted it to evoke a sense of artistry and familiarity. Split into two distinct experiences – the café and brasserie, Venteux is a journey of contrast where we juxtaposed expansion and compression creating completely different moods that balance and play off of each other.

What were some key sources of inspiration for the design?

Complimenting Chef’s menu, I was inspired by eclectic French brasseries and artists’ salons, conservatories, and botanical gardens. We spent a lot of time thoughtfully building the storytelling palettes and curating the many layers necessary to infuse Venteux with its continental charms while steering away from clichés and overly thematic, predictable details.

What were some key materials and why?

Venteux is a very tactile restaurant. Materiality is essential to help the guest feel at ease, so we used soft velvets and warm leathers to complement the soulful wood accents and marble tops. At the same time, antiqued mirrors, textured glass, and brass accents add shimmer to the venue making the restaurant an exciting and brilliant culinary experience.

Why did you choose this specific color palette?

We worked on complementary yet unique palettes to define both rooms. The soft sage green and off whites make the café a fresh, inviting, and intimate space despite the extreme height. In the Brasserie, bordeaux and burgundy are emotive hues that bring incredible warmth to the room, especially when combined with the dark oak wood. It is also an excellent backdrop colour for the extensive art collection beautifully curated by GZ Art Co. Both colour palettes bring a sense of history to Venteux while remaining unpretentious and comfortable.

Can you tell us a bit more about the murals featured in the space?

Nestled in between Magnificent Mile skyscrapers, I wanted the café to feel like a sanctuary, an oasis, a “Jardin Botanic”, infusing eclecticism to the multilayered hospitality experience. The botanical mural also balances the incredibly high ceilings and extensive glazing while bringing a whimsical sense of wonder.

What do you think is the standout of the design?

The mural is a very impactful moment but the design of Venteux is not about one bold statement. Instead, it is a layering exercise that results in a multidimensional hospitality experience and emotive spaces. Those lovely emotions Venteux evokes are what I am most proud of.

Venteux: A Feast for the Senses

At Venteux, we understand that people eat with their eyes first. So we want your experience here to be a feast from beginning to end! That all starts with an incredible design.

As you can see, every aspect of the space at Venteux has been carefully considered. Come see for yourself how it heightens your dining experience!

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