Friendsgiving at Venteux!

Looking for a way to celebrate Thanksgiving that reflects a more modern lifestyle?

Friendsgiving at Venteux may be the perfect solution.

In recent years, geography, mounting travel prices, and lifestyle choices have made many people choose to celebrate traditional holidays in decidedly non-traditional ways.

Friendsgiving offers individuals the chance to enjoy the best parts of Thanksgiving, including great people, great food, and a day of enjoyment, but with a group of friends rather than (or in addition to) family.

At Venteux, we embrace holiday traditions of all styles, so we’re proud to offer both Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations at our establishment. Read on to learn more about this fantastic holiday and how we’re celebrating!

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Friendsgiving at Venteux: What’s Going On?

To celebrate Friendsgiving and the spirit of the season, we’re hosting a Friendsgiving Food Drive with food and wine specials.

Here’s what you need to know:

Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
Time: 4pm-9pm


  • ½ off all wine bottles all evening
  • Bring a food can to donate & get a free appetizer (with purchase of an entree)
  • Cans to be donated to Chicago Food Depository

Thanksgiving Versus Friendsgiving: What’s the Difference?

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, let’s clear up what Friendsgiving is — and how it’s different from Thanksgiving.

Here are the key differences between Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving:

  • Who you spend it with. The most obvious difference between Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving is who you spend it with. While technically it’s still a Thanksgiving celebration regardless of whether or not you’re related to the others at the table, many choose to refer to a gathering of friends as “Friendsgiving”.
  • The meal. While it’s not always the case, Friendsgiving is often a little bit more casual in terms of the food traditions for Thanksgiving. While you might enjoy the traditional turkey meal, you might also be more likely to celebrate with a different main dish or alternative sides.
  • When you celebrate. Since Friendsgiving can be a little more casual than a traditional Thanksgiving, it doesn’t have to be celebrated on the Thanksgiving holiday. Many choose to enjoy a Friendsgiving with buddies either before or after the holiday.

    As you may have noticed, our Friendsgiving special will happen a few days before the official holiday — on November 24th. That way you can celebrate it instead of or in addition to Thanksgiving!

A Delightful Way to Spread Cheer

Our Friendsgiving event is a win-win scenario.

You get to give back to the community by donating food.

You get to enjoy amazing food and wine specials.

Of course, while the star of the event is the wine special, you may also consider treating yourself to one of our amazing fall cocktail creations. The Autumn Serenade, which is made with Termana Reposado, Aperol, Blood Orange Liquid Alchemist, house-made honey syrup, lime, and Firewater bitters, is an unforgettable beverage. It’s as beautiful as it is delicious!


Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with family, friends, or both, consider making Venteux your dining destination. We’ve got an exciting lineup of food and cocktails at our Chicago restaurant, so be sure to reserve your spot!

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Are you ready to celebrate Friendsgiving?